July 2013

Learning through adversity

So I had a little bit of time tonight to right up a new blog and its due to the amount of rain we have been getting down here in Florida! Someone send us some sunshine! Rainouts seem to be the name of the game here in the Florida State League.

I have been with the team for nearly two weeks and we had our second rainout today. Playing down here in Florida there has been a couple of tropical storms around the state and it seems to keep sending rain our way.  Since I have been back and going that’s the last thing I need coming back from surgery!

Coming back is all about the repetitions in game-like situations, getting your feet wet. With a few outings under my belt now it has been a little more difficult than I expected but it’s been a blast to just be back out there.

It seems like one day you’re cruising through hitters and the next day nothing seems to work. I think anyone coming back from surgery will tell you the same thing! Some things that I can take away from the experience is really learning how to pitch on days where you don’t have all of your pitches. Really learn to use and trust your fastball. Really try to hit your spots with it. Once you can do that, then on days where everything is working you can roll through innings and days it’s not, you still can attack hitters with your fastball and try to get outs in different ways. Either way I leave the mound looking forward to getting back out there next time.

So I have had the opportunity to get out and do some shooting in the last few days and its one thing that really gets me away during season and gets my mind off baseball. I recently worked with some really cool guys that own a company called Drake Associates. Chris Drake talked with me on the phone and we worked out getting a new Chassis system for a rifle that I had already purchased and since then the gun has shot unbelievable. If you know anything about guns I was getting consistent ¾ inch groups at 200 yards. These guys do a lot of custom work and do a great job so definitely check out their website and their blog here.


In other news it’s that time again. Just turned 24 years old on the 14th. Where does time go? Seems like yesterday I was signing with the Cardinals taking a trip around Busch Stadium, watching the game and now I’ve been in with the organization for three years. A nice surprise is my family came in for the weekend and surprised me and my girlfriend! It truly is an amazing time when I get to spend it with family. I’m very close to my family especially my dad who really is a best friend. I know I blog about it a lot but we went to Jetty’s which still is my favorite place in the area. Just doesn’t seem like any other place compares here in Palm Beach.



Photo credit: SaraBeth Swagerty http://instagram.com/p/buietSOkIV/#

Anyway, I just wanted to stop in for a bit with you guys! Thanks everyone for keeping up with the blog. Don’t forget to follow on twitter for updates with the blog @jordanswagerty. God Bless

Back Playing Under the Lights

Hey everyone, what’s up?? I know it has been a few days since I have been on here but a lot has been going on here. I have been trying to keep up with letting you all know what’s going on in the day to day but since I have finally graduated rehab, time is flying by. 

So where to start?? It felt like the day to finally pitch was never going to come and now it’s here. I have finally joined a full-season team club here in Palm Beach.  I am really enjoying the new/old lifestyle of baseball life. My schedule is completely opposite of rehab.

Instead of early mornings, it’s sleeping in time now. I show up to the field in the early afternoon. My new routine is with a team and the focus is to win games, not conquer my elbows issues because I am finally healthy!  


To say the least, I can’t say it enough how thankful I am to be back playing under the lights and feeling like I am back to my old identity, a baseball player. I really had forgotten how much I had missed it until I got into the routine of being on the team. There is something about pitching in front of crowds, winning games and being apart of a team that really gets me pumped.

It has been a big transition to face hitters again.  They are actually working the count and know how to hit off-speed pitches, and make you throw strikes. You have to pitch again; you can’t just count on blowing guys away with a fastball. Another big difference is the intensity. It is amazing how much more goes into pitching when there are fans at the game. I like to take it to a whole new level!


My first game was on the road in Bradenton, FL against the High-A team of the Pirates. They have done some renovations to the park since the last time I was there in 2011. They added a party deck around the outfield. It makes for a pretty cool atmosphere.

 Another highlight of the past week is doggy day at the park. (Follow the pups on Instagram and Twitter @pomswag).  The pups had an awesome time coming to the park and getting to watch me pitch. It was the first time they got to see that!


Last thing I wanted to talk about is I did get a Vine. My account is @jordanswagerty . I have not really had a whole lot to put on there. So I need some help from you guys on what you want to see.  Until next time, thanks everyone for reading! Don’t forget to get updates on twitter @jordanswagerty. God Bless!