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Back Playing Under the Lights

Hey everyone, what’s up?? I know it has been a few days since I have been on here but a lot has been going on here. I have been trying to keep up with letting you all know what’s going on in the day to day but since I have finally graduated rehab, time is flying by. 

So where to start?? It felt like the day to finally pitch was never going to come and now it’s here. I have finally joined a full-season team club here in Palm Beach.  I am really enjoying the new/old lifestyle of baseball life. My schedule is completely opposite of rehab.

Instead of early mornings, it’s sleeping in time now. I show up to the field in the early afternoon. My new routine is with a team and the focus is to win games, not conquer my elbows issues because I am finally healthy!  


To say the least, I can’t say it enough how thankful I am to be back playing under the lights and feeling like I am back to my old identity, a baseball player. I really had forgotten how much I had missed it until I got into the routine of being on the team. There is something about pitching in front of crowds, winning games and being apart of a team that really gets me pumped.

It has been a big transition to face hitters again.  They are actually working the count and know how to hit off-speed pitches, and make you throw strikes. You have to pitch again; you can’t just count on blowing guys away with a fastball. Another big difference is the intensity. It is amazing how much more goes into pitching when there are fans at the game. I like to take it to a whole new level!


My first game was on the road in Bradenton, FL against the High-A team of the Pirates. They have done some renovations to the park since the last time I was there in 2011. They added a party deck around the outfield. It makes for a pretty cool atmosphere.

 Another highlight of the past week is doggy day at the park. (Follow the pups on Instagram and Twitter @pomswag).  The pups had an awesome time coming to the park and getting to watch me pitch. It was the first time they got to see that!


Last thing I wanted to talk about is I did get a Vine. My account is @jordanswagerty . I have not really had a whole lot to put on there. So I need some help from you guys on what you want to see.  Until next time, thanks everyone for reading! Don’t forget to get updates on twitter @jordanswagerty. God Bless!