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Healthy and Ready to Go!

It has been a day or two (4 months) since I’ve updated ya’ll on what’s been going on over the off-season! First things first, I feel healthy!  It has been a long time since I could say that. It feels great to be throwing, letting it loose, and having the relief of knowing my arm is going to feel good doing what it’s supposed to do.  I am anticipating the countdown for camp to start!

This off season I have been extremely dedicated to working out hard to make sure I am in baseball shape for camp. What is being in baseball shape? I can tell you, it’s not beach workouts, no heavy bicep and chest workouts. It is just the core muscles that will keep you healthy for an entire season; core, legs, and shoulders. It has been fun watching my body progress into what it needs to be able to get that uniform back on and get back on the field to start going at hitters again.

So what’s been up this off-season? My girlfriend and I got a new horse, Dancer. He is a 7-year-old Tennessee Walker and is a complete blast to work with. He is not like most horses. He has a true soft side and loves to follow me around (it’s possible that it’s because he knows I have treats in my pockets). He cannot stand not having all eyes and ears on him. I live on some land that has trails I can take him on. He gets plenty of work doing that. That’s the only new animal I have gotten over the off-season. For those of you that keep up with me know that my girlfriend Guin and I have four Pomeranians. They are doing great but it can be a handful having a full on pom pack. Make sure to check them out on Instagram @PomSwag



I have done a fair share of travel over the course of the off season. I went out to Arizona a few times to escape to that awesome year-around weather. I went up to the northeast for a NRA fundraiser. Another awesome trip was to Boise, Idaho with Guin. We went for a Boise State football game and to visit her parents. The blue turf was a definite highlight. The state of Idaho was amazing. It is my kind of place; laid back and full of nature! I love to get out see new places and be surprised.  We rode bikes everywhere and the course around the river was great. It is crazy how fresh the air was. It was an awesome trip. Lastly, I did some great man trips; hunting in Arkansas and west Texas with my best bud and dad.

Go Broncos

Go Broncos

            A huge part of my life is family. They are my biggest supporters. I love being home sitting around, talking, and doing activities with them. It is very important for me to be around my parents, I won’t have them forever and I want to take advantage of the time I can spend with them because those are times you can never get back!   For those of you that keep up, my sister Sara Beth is doing awesome in Nashville! She has her first full CD out and is currently working on her second. A cool thing happened over the holidays, as her Christmas video was played on CMT on Christmas day while we were eating Christmas dinner. That was exciting for the entire family to get to see and be there with her. You can check out her page on CMT.

Well guys it’s only a little over two weeks until we will be back in the full swing of things. I love everyone who follows my blog and if you get a chance during camp or the season please stop by and say hello. I would love to see you guys! Until then, God Bless. You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @jordanswagerty

Spring Training Nearing End

So apparently you guys have made me discover a new talent of mine and that is writing blogs.. who would have ever thought!

To give you a little context on that statement, I will give you a little bit of a background on my past and me. I have never been interested in English or writing which makes writing this blog a little bit different for me. I took an English class in college but that was mostly the extent of my writing. Now I find myself getting done with one blog and already coming up with new ideas for the next. I honestly think I could write about double the amount I have been haha but I will try and save everyone a little bit and try not to overdue it.

Since I have started this blog its opened my eyes to many different things. Writing is something I have found to come pretty easy. after seeing my dad write a book and almost be done with his second, I have started one myself. Might not sell one copy but I’m really enjoying trying to put it all together.

For this blog entry I wanted to take some time and thank the people that have got me here and give a little insight on my background that you might not know, and maybe get a little more in-depth than most entries will. To start, my family has played a huge part in getting me where I am in the game today. From my mom and dad getting me on teams, to my grandparents Nana and Papa taking me to practices, it has truly been a family effort.  Now spring is in full swing and its so nice to be able to have family in town and let them enjoy spring training with me. It’s really nice to have my grandparents get to head out to the games with my parents and enjoy the Florida sun. Family is a huge part of my life and I have always been very close to them.


Dinner with parents at, you guessed it, Jettys!

Next, I am really thankful for the fans! Thanks to everyone reading my blog, everyone at every stadium across the nation, and everyone that follows the players on Twitter that have encouraging words as we hit the slumps that season brings. It has been really fun writing this blog because I get to interact with different individuals that I have never gotten to interact with.

Another perk is reading the comments on the page which I have started to respond to the comments so don’t be afraid to leave a comment. Another big shout out I have to give is to all of the rehab personnel I have worked with. There are so many people working with me to get me back on the field. It really is a cool process to have so many people back you up on the road to recovery.

The season is now coming up fast and I honestly have never been more excited. So many things have changed since the 2011 season. There were so many new faces in camp. It is crazy for me when I would head out to the field the first few days of camp and I honestly didn’t know half the people. Maybe I should do a better job of socializing!

With only a few days left rosters are getting close to being set and it’s fun to watch everyone get ready to head out from camp and get to where they are headed. You’ll see guys calling to ship their cars, guys trying to figure out who there living with, and everyone trying to figure out where they’re going to live. It really is hard to get everything done in such a short period of time, especially when you have no apartment where you’re headed or any furniture. We are really starting from scratch.

With that being said we all can’t wait to break camp and get to the teams and start playing games under the bright lights. After being in camp for a month it’s crazy to think it’s about to come to an end. I will try to get out another blog right at the start of season to let everyone know what I’m up to. I promise I’ll be having fun somewhere. Hope everyone is having a good week.

See you on twitter @jordanswagerty

God Bless and Happy Easter!