Spring Training is finally here!

Well we have done it once again, conquered for a 4th year in a row the ASU Baseball Alumni Golf Tournament!! We took the crown with a score of 55 or 15 under.  The roughest part of it all is finding a place on the mantle for all the trophies! This year we played at our school course Karsten which is always in great shape. It was a little tougher pin placement than usual which made some approach shots a bit more difficult. I have a yearly ritual of the week before our tourney. My family and our family friends (the Campbells) come out to Phoenix and stay at our house. We play 4 or 5 days of golf at some of our favorite places like TPC, Scottsdale and Troon. Not only do I play golf daily but I go over to my buddy Mike Leake’s house to get some workouts in. By the end of the week I’m tired and ready to head off to spring training!

The end of the offseason is such an exciting time for me. The feeling of knowing it is time to get back on the baseball field is thrilling. But then reality sets in and getting to the field at 6:30 to get in work outs is a little rough.


My arm is finally ready for action! As you may recall, before surgery my recovery was slow and I could not go every other day off the mound. But this week, the week before spring training I threw eight bullpens. So being able to do that was an exciting step for me to conquer.

Since I’ve been in camp my bullpens have been going well. It’s great to be on the field and fun to be around the guys. I think the biggest change is the transition into camp. It used to be like second nature but relearning everything after two years it’s definitely a change. There are a lot more hurdles to get over than I anticipated. For instance the things the small things aren’t so small; pick off moves, throwing to bases, bunting, etc. These used to be things that came naturally to me but now I am just learning to get back to my comfort level with them.


Well until next time, guys have a great week if you get out to camp have a great time because you know we are! You can follow me @jordanswagerty on Twitter. God Bless!


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Jordan, Sorry to hear about your recent setback. You’ve worked so hard, and we know that you’ll continue to do so. God, time, and the support and prayers of Cardinals fans are on your side. Looking forward to watching you in Springfield, Memphis, and StL in the coming years.

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