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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which happens to be a day to really show your mom how much she is appreciated. I thought I would share with ya’ll about my mom, the one woman in this world who really is the backbone to our family. She has been there for me not only through this roller coaster of ups and downs of baseball but also in my personal life. My mom and I are very similar which at times causes us to bump heads but overall I know that she has my best interest. I wanted to take this platform of the blog to really let my mother know how thankful I am for her and everything she has done through out the years for me.


My mom and I in Hawaii


From my childhood to now, my parents have always been very involved in my life. In the summertime when I first started playing baseball my mom would be at every practice and game making sure I was there on time and getting the best coaching I could. My freshman year of college at Arizona State, my parents bought a home in Phoenix on South Mountain so that they could make sure to be at every game I played. In fact, during college, my parents only missed four games. That was including away games as well!




All the way up to pro ball currently, my mom has flown all over the country to support me whenever I was on the mound. She is not just there for the games though. When I found out I need Tommy John surgery back in 2012, she was the first person to book a flight and a hotel so she could be there with my through the surgery. In fact, my mom actually sent me and my girlfriend (to ensure I actually do it) this ‘secret’ remedy to help my elbow get better. I can’t reveal the secret, but I can tell you it is absolutely nasty. Mom knows best though!



On the field and away from the field I can always count on my mom. One of my favorite things about her is her home-cooked meals. Her cooking is awesome and something I definitely have a hard time parting with whenever she leaves. The only time I don’t see much of her is when I’m in the deer woods. I am still trying to convert her to being a hunter, mostly so I can have some good cooking when I am out hunting…

With all this said I want to say Happy Mother’s Day Mom, thank you and I love you!

The past couple of weeks my arm has been feeling solid and I feel like I am getting closer everyday. Honestly, my arm is feeling better than it did when I was healthy, so no complaints here! The surgery is about a 12-16 month recovery stage and I am on that track. Being on this recovery has really made me appreciate everything I once had when it came to baseball and has really shown me to never overlook a single day when I am back on the mound.

 In a future blog, I might have a new grip to teach everyone. I have had plenty of time to watch baseball in the last month and I think a tough pitch to hit is the cutter. I have been fooling around with it and might try it next time I face hitters.

Kept the blog a bit shorter this week but as always God Bless and follow on Twitter @jordanswagerty