How sweet is first place.

Well it has been a few days since I have signed in and wrote what is on my mind. A lot has happened since I last got on and shared. If you have checked the standings lately we have risen to the top of our division and have been there for a few days now. It is early in the season still but we are playing well. I think last time I wrote we were 1-2 and not playing as a team. That has really turned around. We went on a three game winning streak, which always helps. We also won the game we played today in Phoenix. I have gone to all the ballparks now and have realized how lucky we are to play at the complex in Surprise. It really is a beautiful ball park that is set up very well.

Now I think you should know what I have been up to in the beautiful retirement community of Surprise. I have found my favorite place to hang out when we’re free and that is the Brookside Bar and Grill. This is a sports bar that has a amazing bacon cheeseburger. The food is great but that is not the best par.  This bar has an electric dartboard!  So it’s a lot of fun to get a few of the guys and play and as you can imagine the games get pretty intense. I went to the mall in Peoria tonight which was nothing special but they do have great places to eat around the out side of the mall. I have gone over to have P. F. Changs and Cheesecake Factory multiple times. The other thing that is special in the state of Arizona are the golf courses. The pitching staff loves to take it to the course and get the swing going on the off days. There are many retired men and women that live in the town of Surprise and apparently the cool thing is having a golf cart. So instead of having a cool car I feel I need to custom a golf cart to fit in.
The team is having a lot of fun right now. In the game today we went into extra innings where Adron Chambers had two RBIs in the 10th inning to give us the runs we needed to win the game. We have been playing good defense and pitching well but our offense is something special. It is fun to sit down in the bullpen and wait on us to have a big inning. Yesterday’s game we were winning 2-0 and some how they scored 7 to make it 7-2.  The next inning we scored 6 to take the lead back. We can always count on our hitters to give the pitching staff what we need to win.
That’s all I have for this post so hopefully the next time I post we’ll still be on top of the division!

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