A Day at the Ballpark

A few weeks into camp and time is flying! I am back to living and breathing baseball, seven days a week, 8 hours a day. What I am really looking forward to is the countdown to game time. It feels like just yesterday I was showing up to the field and getting everything put into my locker.

These first few weeks have been a ton of fun. The only down part has been the weather in South Florida. Who would have thought I would need my jacket almost every day of camp? It is making it hard for me to get anytime at the beach. Camp is in full swing now so here’s a dosage of my daily grind.

I am sure my teammates who weren’t off a whole season are looking at it more as a grind but it’s feeling fresh to me! The only thing is hearing my 8 different alarm clocks go off to make sure I am up at 6 am. I even have my girlfriend set her alarm to call me in the morning to make sure I am up, so I guess I am up to 9 alarms. Once I get past that, the fun begins.

I start my morning one of two ways; there is a chef at the field for breakfast, which has been awesome this year. It helps keep me on-track for nutrition. However, the other way is hitting up Bagel Boys, not all that nutritional but I definitely recommend it if you’re out here!

The next part of my day is getting ready in the training room. I have learned that the best way I have kept up with training is to get your work in before you go out to the field.  Everything physically that you can do to better yourself is key to getting stronger every day. The smallest things such as stretches, warm-ups, and strengthening exercises are what makes us better us as athletes and make us all around ready for season.

Personally, I have seen a huge difference in my pitching just by working on my flexibility. It is a big part of pitching so that has been my focus. After I am done in the training room I head back to my locker and have about 30 minutes before I head out to the field.

Flow is back for 2013

Flow is back for 2013

At the field I sometimes have some spare time to check out the stock market which I have become extremely interested in. I take time to read up on any potential trades or what is going on during that day.  I never understood the hype of stocks until I fully involved myself daily in it. I guess it is just like baseball for me, you have to put your all into it to really succeed.

Next its time to roll!  We’re in the quad at the complex in Jupiter. We will start off as a team, get the info for the day on what we all need to do. This really makes the day flow together when everyone knows where to be there and when. Once we know our daily plan we head off to our fields to stretch.


Finally, my favorite part of my day: throwing.  After being out with Tommy John surgery and not being able to throw, it feels so new and fun. After we throw we will do some type of pitching drills then shag some BP for the hitters. I usually stand right by the fence and try to rob some home runs. Once batting practice is over we go back to the clubhouse for lunch.  After lunch, it’s time to watch the games. I check out how my buddies are doing, and maybe see some things I may try to pick up on to better my game.

Feels good to let loose!

Feels good to let loose!

This is my third Spring Training, but it almost feels like my first since I have been out for a year. Everything is very new and exciting. I truly couldn’t ask for a better job. I get to hang with my buddies, do what I love and progress myself as a person on the daily. Everyone reading this, if you have a chance, check out Spring Training either here in Florida or Arizona and catch some baseball!

See you on Twitter at @JordanSwagerty! God bless!


Thanks for taking the time to share ST with fans. Fun reading and seeing pictures. God bless you, too!

You have a natural way of writing. Another good job.

Thanks for sharing..I really enjoyed reading it! We are all so interested in our Cardinals and are anxious for the games to begin!! Good luck this year and we’ll be watching 🙂

Gerri thanks for the post glad to know you like the blog!

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