Redbirds, Coco and Masters

So camp has finally ended and the season has started! As for myself, I am still in Jupiter so it almost feels like I am still in camp, except all my teammates are out playing ball. I’m continuing to throw off the mound and hoping to be in games soon!

Although I’d rather be playing, one of the positives of being an outsider is watching my buddies and how well they are playing.  One of my best buddies, Matt Adams who we all call “Patch” has been tearing it up. I watched the game where he hit another home run off the Brewers. Another game that was a great highlight was when Kyle Lohse faced the Cardinals and Shelby Miller threw a gem. How could you not love this game and watching the Redbirds?

Speaking of the Redbirds, what does everyone think about the new alternative jerseys? I got to wear the new jerseys on the winter warm up this year. We toured a few cities in the Midwest and had the honor of meeting with many of you guys, signed some autographs, and enjoyed a few days with Fernando Salas, Joe Kelly and Jon Jay. If you were there you would have seen me rocking the number 78. For more pics from the warm up, click here.


What I wore during Cardinals winter warm up


For all of you that have been keeping up with the blog you know that my girlfriend and I have got a new puppy. Last week I finally went down to Ft. Lauderdale to get her. She is a whopping 1.8 pounds and is a total sweetheart!  After a couple of weeks we have finally came up with a name for her, Chloe, Coco for short.


She is our first girl and fits in perfectly with the other two Pomeranians. She may look black in the pictures but she is actually considered blue. She looks more charcoal with a blue tint to her skin.


Lastly, for all of you keeping up with the Masters, what do ya’ll think about it??? Golf is a second passion for me, and when I am normally in good health, I play daily. This rehab for my arm has had me down with two of my passions unfortunately (pitching being the first, of course) but it is looking like I am on a good path to recovery.

Back to the Masters, I can say I was a little disappointed with the two-stroke penalty to Tiger Woods. I have watched it a few times on replay and they did get the ruling correct. However, mentally I think it took him out of it, which may have caused the bogey on the 18th. It was definitely a 2-stroke change, and possible a 3-stroke. I had a blast watching the tourney and seeing the competition.  The beauty of sports is you never really know what is going to happen no matter how good you are. For example, Bubba Watson, a personal favorite of mine, had a 10 on a hole in the final round!

Well guys, I am going to sign out hopefully soon I can bring you some game information on myself! I cannot wait to be back competing and playing on a team. I am going to continue working as hard as possible to climb the ranks to the big leagues. Thanks everyone who has been reading this on a regular basis. God Bless and remember to follow on twitter @jordanswagerty


I have a ladies version of the alternate jersey that I wore while watching ST games. That is one tiny puppy! My dear g’parents had a pom. Keep pitching well and blogging, and we’ll keep watching and reading. God bless.

Thanks for reading and hope you are enjoying the blog!

This is GREAT, I never knew you had a blog and be for sure I will read it !!!
I only found it my chance it was next to Jennifer’s blog which truth be told I rarely read, but when I saw your name just had to go here.
You must get the tech team to give you your own link and separate from Jennifers.

I was wondering where you had been, now I know, still in camp. You will get there.
Time=Things I Must Earn
I can only assume that is why your 1st Bowman chrome auto has not gone up in price like some of the others. Once you start playing I see it shooting up, glad I have your Bowmans and refractor autio already..

I love the new alternative uniforms, and really love the tubing. I hope they keep them beyond this season. There class act..

So there calling Adams “Patch” great name, they should use it on KMOX broadcast.
If only they could get him 400 AB. And to think next year he may be blocked by Craig and Taveras. UNLESS they move Craig to right, and Taveras to center. It makes me wonder if they are even considering trading JJ depending on how Taveras does in Center. They will have to do what’s best for the team. Can you imagine if Adams could play second.

I was watching the game last week when Adams pitch hit with bases loaded and hit that long ground rule double, problem was I was driving and had it on my Mobile MLBTV At bat. Almost crashed watching that ball go. Have to be careful.

Best to you, look forward to me reads.

Thanks for reading and they will definitely have some decisions to be made in the near future!

A number of points here Jordan; 1. “Patch” Adams! Very unimaginative. Seriously. There is no correlation. Even “Grizzly” fits better. Personally I like “Mattitude with Launchitude”. Although “Man Mountain Matt” isn’t bad either and I kind of like the “Slippery Rocker”.
2. Your sister is Hot and I love country music so I’m a fan already.
3. Nice dog picture……..Dude!…you need to get back into playing before you lose your manhood completely. You might as well have a cat! You think Chris Carpenter would have a dog like that? NO!
4. The new jersey looks terrific. I can’t wait to see you wearing it in the majors one day!!!

I see you are on the Springfield roster and cannot wait to watch you pitch! Any idea when that might be? Love the blog BTW…. Keep ’em coming!

Hey Jordan, another great blog.Your babies are precious. My 10lb Yorkie is a monster next to them. I refer to Mr Adams as “Matty Whack’. When they finally get to play in games, on the rare occasions you get to bat, think “Kickin & Screamin” would be fun walk up music. Swauger used “Call Me Maybe” last year and it was a huge hit. Look forward to seeing you in Springfield!

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