Almost Game Time

Hey everyone I’m back at it and getting closer everyday! I have been working hard and am in the last stretch of rehab. It’s surreal to think that it has been 14 months but in about two weeks I am back in the games!

I have been back on the mound for a few weeks and working on all my different pitches. It has been a lot of fielding practice to ensure I am ready for my first game since my injury. Now that I am back to being completely healthy, it’s definitely a different feeling when I throw but as other guys who have been through it have told me, it just takes time and I will be back to feeling normal.

I have noticed that some of my breaking balls are sharp and have lots of movement while others seem to be a bit loopy and hard to control. As for my fastballs, they seem to jump out of my hand while others are a bit wild. It has been a lot of fun being back on the mound especially when I notice an improvement from day to day. In baseball and especially rehab, we have to strive for excellence in order to get back on track and learn from our mistakes.

The biggest difference I have noticed out of my throws is my change-up. I am thinking it is going to be a really good pitch when I make my return.  As we have seen this season, injuries are a part of the game regardless of what league you are in; it is just how you decide to react to it. If you are able to take the negatives and turn them into positives you are much more likely to progress in baseball and in life.


A hobby update, I have gotten back into fishing on a regular basis and shooting. The outdoors have played such a big part in my life growing up and it’s nice to be able to get out there a bit during season. I’ve been fishing on a pretty regular basis and lucky for me I moved condos where there is a big pond right outside of my place.  So how could I not get out there and get a pole in the water??

As for shooting I thought I had found a pretty solid range here in Palm Beach after hearing about it from a couple locals, I quickly found out the complete opposite! Sign a waiver and you’re pretty much all on your own. That might sound like a good deal but everyone is not the same experience level. I’m very good with gun safety and teaching others my techniques, while others hit the target and throw their hands in the air while holding their loaded gun in their hands… big no-no! There was another guy who brought in a rifle…without a case, and a lady hit our target. Needless to say, we won’t be going back there.


My mom’s birthday was this past weekend so she came in town and we went to our favorite place, Jetty’s. It’s always fun hanging with family. I’m very blessed to have an unreal family. I want to thank everyone who has put in their email address on the right hand side to receive updates on the blog. Don’t forget you can also follow me on twitter @jordanswagerty for blog updates. God Bless!


Excellent news! Springfield can’t wait!

cant wait to be back there!!

Awesome thanks for the support!

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